IRTG2403 - Regulatory Genome

PhD researchers that are pursuing their dissertation within the IRTG2403 scientific disciplines (high-throughput-genomics, computational biology and developmental systems), are invited to apply for association with the IRTG2403 PhD training program.


Requirements for association are:

  • Candidates are in their first year of doctoral research
  • Their doctoral project is interdisciplinary in nature
  • A supervision / mentoring of participating principles in Berlin is in place or can be arranged
  • Candidates are willing to actively participate in the IRTG2403 training program and need also o collect same amount of credit points as the IRTG2403 students 
  • Attendance of the retreat in Berlin is required




  • An interaction with a Duke principle is desired
  • Available access for funding for cooperation is possible


Requests for association are accepted all year round and are evaluated by the Steering Committee. Decisions will be made based on the scientific quality and collaborative potential of the proposed project, as well as the competence and motivation of the candidate.


And if you are interested in our program, it would be also nice if you are already show interested in our seminars (Journal club , LAP seminar..) so that you also see, how we work and we also get to know you a bit. 


Please also note when you are coming from the Charité: In case you like to go on the advanced track you need to have 30 CP at the end. Please note, our programm provides you only with 20 CP. 


In case of further questions, do not hesitate to contact the IRTG2403 coordination office.