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IRTG2403 - Regulatory Genome

Every week: Webinar

One of the IRTG2403 students will present alternating a new method or a science paper. 


If you like to join, please contact Wiebke Skeffington.


Date Topic Speaker
03.04.2020 Single-cell RNA-Seq techniques  Konrad Chudzik
17.04.2020 RADICL-seq Luna Zea Redondo
24.04.2020 Basic biological mechanisms related to 3D genome topology Dominika Vojtasova
30.04.2020 Organoids - Cultivation and Applications Janis Hötzel
07.05.2020 A peek into a bioinformatician's toolbox Sebastian Röner

scATAC-seq data analysis in a nutshell

(Including a drink :-))

Aybuge Altay

Methods for large-scale identification of mammalian enhancers

The presentation will be loosely based on Gasperini et al. 2020, Towards a comprehensive catalogue of validated and target-linked human enhancers.

Till Schwämmle

Things you can do with scRNA-seq data

Che-Wei Hsu
05.06.2020 Recent developments in mass spectrometry Mirjam Arnold
12.06.2020   Irene Gomez-Argente
19.06.2020   Konstantinos Papdakis
26.06.2020   Fayaz Shaikh
03.07.2020   Anna Monaco


Paper and Mehod presentations can be found under INTERNAL