IRTG2403 - Regulatory Genome

Every second week: Webinar (Thursdays, 16:45)

One of the IRTG2403 students will present alternating a new method or a science paper. 


If you like to join, please contact Wiebke Skeffington.


Date (2021/2022) Time Speaker Topic and Presentation
30.09.2021 16:15 Konrad

Global chromatin relabeling accompanies spatial inversion of chromatin in rod photoreceptors

14.10.2021 16:15 Luna

Single-cell nuclear architecture across cell types in the mouse brain

28.10.2021 16:45 Dominika Nonlinear control of transcription through enhancer-promoter interactions
11.11.2021 16:45 Sebastian Effective gene expression prediction from sequence by integrating long-range interactions.
25.11.2021 16:45 Aybuge Altay Chromatin information content landscapes inform transcription factor and DNA interactions
09.12.2021 16:45 Till Schwämmle DeepSTARR predicts enhancer activity from DNA sequence and enables the de novo design of enhancers
06.01.2022 16:45 Che-Wei Hsu

MIRA: Joint regulatory modeling of multimodal expression and chromatin accessibility in single cell

20.01.2022 16:45  


03.02.2022 16:45 Irene Gomez-Argente

Down-syndrome-induced senescence disrupts the nuclear architecture of neural progenitors

17.02.2022 16:45 Anna Monaco

Airpart: Interpretable statistical models for analyzing allelic imbalance in single-cell datasets

10.03.2022 16:45 Konstantinos Papdakis

Museum of spatial transcriptomics

31.03.2022 16:45 Birthe Lange

(What) Do we need to make science more sustainable?

14.04.2022 16:45 Freyda Lenihan-Geels The Quest for an All-Inclusive Genome
28.04.2022 16:45 Sebastian Proft own paper
23.06.2022 16:45 Mai Phan Differential cofactor dependencies define distinct types of human enhancers
07.07.2022 16:45 Pascal Wetzel

*Chromatin-accessibility estimation from single-cell ATAC-seq data with scOpen

*Evidence for positive long- and short-term effects of vaccinations against COVID-19 in wearable sensor metrics -- Insights from the German Corona Data Donation Project

21.07.2022 16:45 Ece Pervasive functional translation of noncanonical human open reading frames
04.08.2022 16:45 Theo Inference of cell type-specific gene regulatory networks on cell lineages from single cell omic datasets
18.08.2022 16:45 Freddy

DNA methylation-linked chromatin accessibility affects genomic architecture in Arabidopsis

01.09.2022 16:45 Leon Screening cell-cell communication in spatial transcriptomics via collective optimal transport
15.09.2022   No Journal club  
29.09.2022 16:45 Carla Integrating single-cell datasets with ambiguous batch information by incorporating molecular network features
13.10.2022 16:45 Mario Nested epistasis enhancer networks for robust genome regulation
27.10.2022 16:45 Mohan Discovering faster matrix multiplication algorithms with reinforcement learning
10.11.2022 16:45 Baiwei The evolution, evolvability and engineering of gene regulatory DNA
24.11.2022 16:45 Yufei  
08.12.2022 16:45 Pia  

Paper and Method presentations can be found under INTERNAL