IRTG2403 - Regulatory Genome

Retreat at Duke University 2022


We finally were able to visit the Duke University again after two years of online and hybid retreats in Berlin. 
May, 10th
14:30 Welcome - Greg Wray   
14:40 Tim Reddy (Duke faculty)  Genome-wide assays of human and mouse regulatory element activity”
15:10 Irene Mota Gomez-Argente 3D chromatin organization during mammalian sex determination
15:30 Anna Monaco  Investigating cell-type specific allelic imbalance in Drosophila development and cis-regulatory evolution
15:55 Luna (virtual) Epigenetic mechanism of information storage in drug addiction'
'Epigenetic mechanism of information storage in drug addiction'
16:20 BREAK   
16:35 Freyda (virtual) Quantifying the effects of single nucleotide variants in transcription factor binding sites
16:50 Birthe  (virtual) Establishing methods to study myogenic transcription factor binding during muscle development
17:05 Pascal Wetzel  Detecting footprints of transcription factors in single-cell data
17:20 Sebastian Röner Modeling tissue specific open chromatin using deep learning”
17:45 Pia Rautenstrauch Deep learning for multimodal single-cell data integration
18:00 LUNCH  
19:00 Martin Kircher  Predicting the deleteriousness of genomic variants -- big and small
19:30 Aybuge Altay  Annotating scATAC-seq pseudobulk clusters & individual cells
19:55 Sebastian Prost Discovery of a non-canonical GRHL1 binding motif using deep convolutional and recurrent neural networks”
20:10 Konstantin Papadakis Conservation of neurogenic regulatory nodes from fly to mouse
20:35 Konrad Chudzik Dissecting transcription regulation by the nuclear envelope during development


May 11th

14:30 Announcements - Greg Wray   
14:35 Laleh.Haghverdi (virtual)and Carla Moelbert Open Problems in Dimension-Reduction and Annotation of scRNA-seq data
15:05 Qianzi Zhou Transcription Factor Networks Controlling Plant Root Cap Development
15:20 Che-Wei Using deep learning to decode transcriptional specification of root cell fate
15:45 Till Schwämmle (virtual)   Distal and proximal cis-regulatory elements sense X chromosome dosage and developmental state at the Xist locus
16:10 BREAK  
16:25 Dominika Vojtasova (virtual) The Implication of Sleep Deprivation and Shank3 Mutation on Chromatin Architecture and Genome Regulation
16:50 Euphy Wu  Detecting Isoform-level Allelic Imbalance
17:10 Michael Love  Tidy analysis of genomic data
17:40 Federica Mosti   Unraveling the role of enhancer HAR1984 in neurodevelopment and human evolution
18:00 LUNCH  
19:00 Olivier Boivin  The mutational cost of conflicts between transcriptional regulation and DNA replication in S. cerevisiae