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IRTG2403 - Regulatory Genome


Overview LAPLAP - Life After PhD Series

Every month, 16:30

Philippstr. 13, House 18, 

Maud Menten Hall

What will happen when you finished your PhD? Within this series, we like to give you an opportunity to meet former PhD students who moved into different professions and will share their ups and downs looking for a job with you. There will be representatives from industry, science communication, politics, health sector, schools and education. We will have plenty of time after the talk for questions, discussion and networking.





The series will be organized by

IRTG 2403, IRTG 2290 and CompCancer.


For the webinar we will use Zoom or the DFNconf program from HU/Charité and the stream of the presentation will start at 4:30 p.m.



And some more interesting information for the life after your PhD



23. June 2020

Webinar (Here with info)

  • Fig: W.Skeffington

  • Wiebke Skeffington
  • Coordinator for a graduate school


21. July 2020


  • Fig: https://www.helmholtz-hida.de/ueber-hida/

  • Claudia Reschke 
  • Adviser Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA)
  • Invited by IRTG2290

17. March 2020



  • Fig: R. Bortfeldt
  • Ralf Bortfeldt 
  • Bioinformatition and IT-manager for IFN Schönow
  • Invited by CompCancer